MT WIFE Ag Calendar Art Contest Winners Announced!


Montana WIFE (Women Involved in Farm Economics) announces the winners of their twenty-ninth

“The Art of Farming”, calendar art contest. WIFE received 508 student entries and we thank the

students and their teachers for sending some excellent art that made judging them a challenge. Cash

prizes and certificates have been awarded to first, second and third place winners, and certificates for

the honorable mention places, in kindergarten through eighth grades. Only 25 drawings can be used on

the 2016 calendar that will be ready for distribution in October. This contest is held in conjunction

with National Ag Week and students draw about their interests in farm life. This year’s winners are:


Isaiah Broesder, Ft. Benton, 1st Place, January

Kacie McCormick, Wolf Creek, 2nd Place, Back Page C

Khloe Palmer, Miles City, 3rd Place

Emy Harrold, Scobey, Honorable Mention

Trent Penrod, Miles City, Honorable Mention J

First Grade 

Sophia Stewart, Ft. Benton, 1st Place, February

Timmy Pocha, Helmville, 2nd Place, Back Page B

Henry Kukowski, Plentywood, 3rd Place

Tyler Erickson, Vida, H M, Back Page B

Nia Morgan, Miles City, H M, Back Page C

Second Grade 

Camilla Mandel, Conrad, 1st Place, Cover

John Carney, Scobey, 2nd Place, Back Page B

Kadin Graveley, Helmville, 3rd Place

Ruben Nelson, Vida, Honorable Mention

Ryan Halverson, Scobey, Honorable Mention

Third Grade

Mia Handran, Scobey, 1st Place, Back Page C

Jodie Wurz, Conrad, 2nd Place

Emma Lou Slivka, Winifred, 3rd Place, Back Page C

Corinne Canen, Glendive, Honorable Mention, June

Trey Phillips, Helmville, Honorable Mention

Fourth Grade

Taite Weltikol, Scobey, 1st Place, September

Giavante Evans, Scobey, 2nd Place, Back Page A

Tristan Fladdager, Scobey, 3rd Place

Lainey Smith, Miles City, Honorable Mention

Hunter Sawdey, Scobey, Honorable Mention

Fifth Grade

Ryan Dupuis, Polson, 1st Place, October

Avah Eggebrecht, Polson, 2nd Place

Lisa Waldner, Cut Bank, 3rd Place, November

Taylor Martin, Scobey, Honorable Mention

Kaden Blixt, Polson, Honorable Mention

Sixth Grade

Josie Tucker, Polson, 1st Place, December

Zach Plant, Polson, 2nd Place, Back Page A

Jayden Miller, Zurich, 3rd Place

Jayce Tande, Scobey, Honorable Mention

Jackson Seifert, Polson, Honorable Mention, Back Page B

Seventh Grade

Amariah Hier, Lambert, 1st Place, April

Renee´ Boyce, Polson, 2nd Place, March

Arnie Wurz, Cut Bank, 3rd Place

Isaac Stein, Polson, Honorable Mention, Back Page A

Keenan McCalmont, Ekalaka, Honorable Mention, May

Eighth Grade

Abria Boze, Scobey, 1st Place

Dakota Linder, Scobey, 2nd Place

Sarielle Moss, Shelby, 3rd Place, August

Lincy Johnson, Zurich, Honorable Mention

Anna Slivka, Winifred, Honorable Mention, Back Page A

All winners will receive a complimentary calendar. If you would like to receive a calendar or donate to the next calendar art contest, you can contact Gladys Walling at 406-462-5330. We would also like to thank the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee and to the businesses across Montana for their continued support of the annual WIFE “Art of Farming” calendar art contest! 


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