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Montana WIFE’s Northeastern Region Director, Tana Berwick, was recently contacted by (part of to help pull together a group of women involved in agriculture in Montana! Tana and her husband Dana, along with their two sweet girls, farm and ranch along the Missouri River at Culbertson and Bainville.

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Tana was contacted by to help them by providing names and email addresses of women in her area that she has met and networked with and others that would enjoy attending a Ag Women Focus group.

This is part of the email that Tana received from

“HI Tana – We are hoping to do a focus group in Montana with approximately 30 women. We may also split into two with 20 or so in each. My goal is to network and find women in ag who know other women in ag in a nearby area. Do you know many women in your area who may be interested in an event like this? We would compensate you for your time and provide dinner.”

If you are not familiar with, its a website/community geared towards women involved in Ag. There is everything from interviews, recipes, equipment database and more. It’s a part of Fastline, a farm machinery magazine and website.

It sounds like if it comes together, it will be fun, education, and a great way to communicate and network with other women in agriculture!

If you would like to have your name submitted to or know someone who might be interested, let us or Tana know! We think it is a great idea if we can get it together! Please send us or Tana your email! Or you can also comment on this post with your email and we will add it to the list!

Many thanks to Tana for letting us be a part of this!

Tana Berwick:

Montana WIFE:


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